Who We Are

Our Mission

We support the voices historically excluded from media and media ownership by providing tools, resources and community of learning to help people build sustainable news organizations that reflect and serve their communities.

Our Vision

A world where everyone can participate in creating relevant, accurate and culturally conscious local news and information is one where everyone can more fully engage in civic life, make more informed decisions, and better understand the world around them.

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We believe that people who care should have a say in informing their community.

Creating journalism for and with your community

Whether you’re a lifetime journalist, a committed organizer or an individual looking to serve your community, we believe that the next generation of news looks like you. People who care about their community should have a voice in informing them.

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Reflecting and sharing your community's stories and experiences

It is our goal to amplify the voices of individuals and very small news organizations that serve and represent unserved or underserved communities.

Reclaiming your community's narrative

We provide back office and administrative support, allowing you to be fully present in your role as a founder. Our founders know their communities best and, while working with us, always have the final say in what’s right for their newsroom.

We're looking for people who share our mission and vision for a world where everyone has a role to play in creating relevant, accurate and culturally conscious local news and information.