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We provide comprehensive support to help you make the best choices in how to use your time and resources.

There are a lot of startup guides out there, but not many are designed for solo news entrepreneurs. We created the Founder’s Map to demystify the process of starting a news enterprise as a solopreneur and to help you think through six key areas for building a business that is journalistically impactful and financially sustainable:

Audience development

Audience Development encompasses a broad umbrella of tasks that help you grow and nurture your audience.

Product and Service

Learning best practices in audience research, product development and planning your content strategy.

Revenue Development

Once you've validated the value your organization provides to its community, turn it into a sustainable business.


Develop the structural support you need to manage your organization effectively.


Build your coalition of advisors, supporters and future team members.

Tools and Technology

Learn how to make the best use of the technology available to you to create quality products and make data-informed decisions.

When you're ready to get started, our self-paced launch program will guide you forward.

You set the pace, and the Collective will be there to offer support when you need or want it. We will help you launch your organization and develop your editorial and revenue strategies. Peers, mentors and our team will help you navigate through the common challenges of launching a new local news organization.



Administration: Choosing the right membership tier for you, setting your early priorities and identifying your working content and revenue strategies

Community: Joining our Slack channel, being introduced your fellow founders, accessing our membership portal and partner services

Technology: Setting up and learning how to use all the tools and technologies available to you as a member of TNC


Ongoing Training

The Collective resources cover both the news and business parts of building and growing a news business. We provide ongoing learning opportunities through workshops and training as well as an expansive library of materials available on-demand and at your pace.. And you won't be going through this alone. You'll be in a community with other founders going through the same process.


Operating, Publishing, & Growing

From the day you launch, you will have access to additional training, support and collective resources to bolster your efforts.


Moving Out & Moving Up

When your site grows bigger and your technology needs change, we're here to help you migrate to what comes next. When you reach a point where you no longer need TNC's services, you leave with complete ownership of your intellectual property and with all of us cheering you on in your success.

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