What We Do

We make critical support more accessible to first-time founders

We provide operational support through shared resources and a growing community of learning to help first-time founders build sustainable news organizations that reflect the communities they serve.

A supportive, collaborative path to entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a complicated and lonely road but you don’t have to travel it alone. Our services are designed to help you create and implement an entrepreneurship strategy that’s right for you. Our comprehensive resources help you develop critical skills like understanding and responding to the information needs of your audience, creating a basic business plan that you can build on over time, and defining success for your business along with setting goals and strategies to achieve it.

Live class sessions and workshops

We host monthly and recurring workshops covering a variety of topics that we and our members identify as timely, relevant and helpful in their operations.

Founder events

Each month there is a collective call with all staff, members, board members and advisors welcome to join, learn about what's new with the collective, share announcements and discuss ideas for future resources or programming.

TNC also facilitates and supports monthly founder-only calls, peer groups and other community events.

Comprehensive resource library

Our membership portal is a one-stop shop to the best and most relevant guides, documentation, case studies playbooks and resources to help founders dig deep into different aspects of their organization.

One-on-one and group support

Our online membership community is an ongoing and always available resource for asking questions and getting support from staff and peers.

Members of the team offer office hours to support on general needs, fiscal sponsorship and technology support.

Lower costs and other barriers to entry

The Tiny News Collective can serve as your fiscal sponsor. We reduce the cost of being a business owner by providing you with back office and administrative support, allowing you to be fully present in your role as a founder. The Collective offers the platform, training, legal assistance, back-office services and everything else for a fraction of what it would cost on the open market.

Access to a network of professional services, peers and mentors

You'll be part of a network of peers and experts providing new founders the support they need to build a newsroom to serve their community. We partner with experts from across the field of journalism to prepare you to run a news organization.

Meet the team of experts, friends, alumni, advisers, funders and partners who share our vision →

Technology that’s right for you

Tiny News founders receive a pre-configured and optimized technology platform designed to remove all the confusion, complexity and cost of designing your tech stack from scratch.

TNC members have access to Ghost Pro, providing a comprehensive publishing, newsletter and membership program out of the box.

We expect founders to outgrow their need for our resources and support. In fact, it’s how we define success.

Our goal isn’t to create members for life, it’s to be there when you need us most, for as long as you need us so that you can build the news organization that your community deserves. We support founders with resources, from the moment they decide to apply to the day they outgrow us. It’s not just tools and services, it’s community, guidance and training that reduces the time it takes to learn the skills of being a founder.