Community Tier

$50/ month

  • Access to all community spaces
  • Slack community, founders calls
  • Membership events
  • Community calls, training workshops
  • Access to all membership services
  • Group training/workshops
  • LION Membership (Micro Tier)
  • Fiscal sponsorship at membership rate (3.5%)
  • Fiscal sponsorship office hours

Publisher Tier

$100/ month

Everything from the Community Tier +
  • Ghost Pro setup support
  • Technical support and guidance
  • Reuters Image Service
  • Support from Lawyers for Reporters
  • Additional TNC staff advising/office hours
  • Fundraising and revenue development support
  • Access to consultants for support with audience development and growth

TNC offers a broad slate of services and supports to meet founders where they are in their journey of building their organization.

The goal of our tiers system is to make our services as affordable and accessible as possible.

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