Community Tier

$50/ month

  • Access to all community spaces
  • Slack community, founders calls
  • Membership events
  • Community calls, training workshops
  • Group training/workshops
  • Fiscal sponsorship at membership rate (3.5%)

Publisher Tier

$100/ month

Everything from the Community Tier +
  • Ghost Pro support
  • Technical support and guidance
  • Support from Lawyers for Reporters
  • TNC staff advising/office hours
  • Access to TNC-curated consultants

TNC offers a broad slate of services and supports to meet founders where they are in their journey of building their organizations.

The goal of our tiers system is to make our services as affordable and accessible as possible. Please note that we may change the services and their prices at any time.

Slack Community

Our Slack Community is an active space for updates about member services, fiscal sponsorship and technology from TNC staff. It’s also an engaged space for founders to amplify their efforts, learn about opportunities outside of TNC for training, funding and resources. Founders discuss different aspects of founding and running their organizations, and new channels can pop up to facilitate focused conversations on topics, such as revenue and audience research.

Collective Calls

We host a monthly collective call sharing news and updates from TNC and making space for TNC members to ask questions, suggest potential services or support needs as well as sharing wins and needs from their own organizations. All TNC staff, members and board members are invited to join the conversation.

Founder Calls

We facilitate a monthly founders-only call where founders can connect and support one another with the challenges, strategies and approaches they are trying in their organizations.

Training workshops

We host regular training workshops and roundtable discussions with featured speakers from a variety of news startups, support organizations, foundations and consultancies.

Membership Portal

TNC maintains and updates an extensive library of resources, documentation, training materials and directories to support local journalism entrepreneurship. Whether it’s a training on how to create a compelling donation page, a directory of the known journalism funders that have funded newsrooms in different parts of the country or a rundown of the best toolkits on building a membership program, the portal provides ample resources for founders to use when they need them.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship is one of our core services for members, offering the opportunity to accept donations that are eligible to be tax deductible, grants and large gifts. TNC is a Model C sponsor. Members are eligible for a discounted rate for this service at 3.5% of all grants and donations received. This fee is well below market rate.

Ghost Pro Support

Through our partnership with Ghost, TNC supports members with launching Ghost Pro websites at the Ghost Creator tier. Our team can help with the setup and launch of the site and advise on how to make the most of Ghost features and functionality. TNC also maintains and supports a custom Ghost theme with features and designs based on journalism best practices and product strategy.

Lawyers for Reporters

As a partner with Lawyers for Reporters, members can access legal guidance on issues such as incorporation, trademark, pre-publication review, libel and other First Amendment considerations.

Staff Advising / Office Hours

Members at the Publishing Tier level are eligible to receive additional support from TNC staff members. That could include the following:

Access to TNC-Curated Consultants

TNC engages with consultants in different areas of expertise on a regular basis. As part of those engagements, we are able to offer consulting appointments with those consultants as availability arises. TNC chooses consultants based on the needs of members and provides regular opportunities for providing suggestions and feedback on the kinds of topics where members need the most support. Typically, in any given year, TNC has provided access to consultants on these topics:

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