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We're a Wichita-based independent newsroom that launched April 1, 2024. The SHOUT covers arts and culture in Wichita, Kansas, and the communities that surround it. Subscribe to our email newsletter to receive our monthly event calendar, plus reviews and stories about the work of Kansas artists, performers, musicians, dancers, writers, and creative people of all kinds.

We're one of three micro newsrooms selected in 2023 as part of the Wichita Foundation Info Challenge, an open call for independent news ventures to address information gaps in underserved communities. Each newsroom received $30,000 from Press Forward Wichita at WF to jump-start their operations plus a two-year membership to the Tiny News Collective to enhance their resources and network.

These resources helped make our newsroom a reality. But the SHOUT is also the culmination of nearly four years of collective dreaming and brainstorming between longtime journalists and communications professionals Emily Christensen and Teri Mott, who have been friends and occasional collaborators for nearly 20 years.

We share a passion for the arts, a commitment to accessibility, and a certain level of awe at the exceptional talent we observe all around us.

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