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The world is changing, shouldn't news ownership?

Whether you’re a lifetime journalist, a committed organizer or an individual looking to support your area, we believe that the next generation of news looks like you. People who care about their community should have a voice in informing their community. Join Tiny News Collective and build your future in local news.

Who Should Start A Newsroom?

Have you struggled to find stories relevant to you and your community in existing media? Do you worry that lack of information keeps people from being involved in important local issues? Has it been your dream to see your community represented accurately and thoughtfully in the media? 

For people of color, women and gender diverse people, and people without formal journalism training, these questions are the norm – this is your chance to change it.

You should apply if:

  • You’re committed to design and build your company, products and journalism with the community you serve. 
  • You’re scrappy and willing to adapt to a changing industry
  • You’re committed to building a financially sustainable, full-time company 
  • You’ve identified an information gap that you are uniquely qualified to help fill

Apply now!

Change the News, Change Your Community

Entrepreneurship – and news ownership in particular – isn’t easy or intuitive. Getting into business and staying in business can feel like an insider’s game. The truth is that most people groomed for entrepreneurship have significant help and advantages that many don’t have access to.

Tiny News Collective’s mission is to make critical support more accessible to first-time founders that are underrepresented in the news landscape.  Our four core offerings make the process easier and give our founders a running start.

A Fast Track to Entrepreneurship

We work with expert partners across the field of journalism to prepare you to run a news organization.

Our comprehensive resources help you develop critical skills like understanding and responding to the information needs of your audience, developing a basic business plan that you can build on over time, and defining success for your business and setting goals and strategies to achieve it.

We work with you to develop sound operations so that you can deliver with confidence.

A Network of Professional Services, Peers and Mentors

You'll be a part of a network of peers and experts providing new founders the support needed to build a newsroom to serve their community. We work with expert partners across the field of journalism to prepare you to run a news organization.

Lowering Costs and Barriers to Entry

We reduce the cost of being a business owner. Reducing the cost of business ownership means removing high-cost, historic barriers to entry.

We provide back office and administrative support, allowing you to be fully present in your role as founder.

Plug and Play Technology, Built for You

Tiny News founders receive a pre-configured and optimized technology platform that handles everything from publishing to accounting.

Instead of spending hours in vendor meetings, you can get to work knowing your business is running and compliant.

The Tiny News Collective is a collaborative project.

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