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The People’s Beat is a Black & Latino owned and led news organization based in South Carolina with a mission to empower Black & Brown communities through news, information, opinion and analysis. We aim to reimagine what the news media consumption means in our communities of color that have low representation in traditional media.

Fernando is the CEO and Publisher of Spanish language news outlet, and co-founder of In recent years Fernando has worked as a consultant for the Fight for $15, telling stories of South Carolinian fast food workers who are on the frontlines of the movement to demand a livable wage. For the past four years he has also simultaneously embarked on being an advocate for Latinos in South Carolina, specifically the undocumented population. Fernando's work in media has had a strong focus in politics that have given him a deeper understanding of how campaign promises become policy proposals that can then be enacted as law. 

Brandon Silvers is also cofounder of The People's Beat. Brandon's most public contribution to The People's Beat is his podcast, "Beyond The Arc with Brandon Silvers," where he combines humor and analysis to take a look at the relationship between today's hottest sports news and society as a whole. As a lifelong Charlestonian, Silvers is acutely aware of both the problems and potential of the area. He's excited to provide a much-needed perspective in local news and hopes to show others that you can live your best, authentic life in Charleston. He's also looking forward to shaking up local traditional media and other industries that conspire to prevent this.

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