Tiny News Collective to expand with the hire of a membership director
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Tiny News Collective to expand with the hire of a membership director

By: Amy L. Kovac-Ashley

We are pleased to announce that the Tiny News Collective is hiring a membership director to help lead our mission critical member-driven work.

Thanks to generous support from the Knight Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation and the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, TNC is embarking on a new stage of growth, innovation and service to our members.

We’re beginning our search for this newly created role to center and focus on the needs of our current and future members — the early-stage news founders who are reimagining and remaking journalism across the country. 

Whether it’s business basics, the growth of a team of freelancers to the first hire, product strategy, revenue generation, or balancing the responsibilities of being a founder in a small organization, our members come to us to help them figure out the next best use of their limited time and resources.

This role is a senior-level member of the team who will work closely with me to develop new initiatives, partnerships and services to support our members. The membership director will own and guide the entirety of our membership experience.

As the first of what will be multiple hires this year and next, we’re looking for someone eager to engage with our highly collaborative team to dream big about what we can help founders accomplish and then take concrete actions to realize those dreams. It’s a special moment to join TNC as we move into this next phase of our work, with the capacity to be deeply involved in helping shape TNC into the founder-focused and service-driven organization that is needed to address the unique challenges founders face.

For more details about the position, please review our post describing the position. You can also sign up for an office hours session to ask questions about the role.

Tiny News Collective Membership Director
The Tiny News Collective promotes media diversity by making it easier for people from underrepresented communities to create local news organizations. We equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge to develop sustainable, community-focused media outlets. We support voices historically excluded from media and media ownership. The Tiny News Collective

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