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Why we created an AI community care agreement

We at TNC have created a community care agreement for AI tools that helps balance the need for privacy and brave spaces with accessibility.

5 Questions with Nora Hertel at Project Optimist

TNC member Nora Hertel talks about the origin of Project Optimist and how she is focused on journalism that uplifts and connects community.

Wichita Info Challenge leads to three new TNC members

We’re excited to announce our newest Tiny News members out of Wichita, thanks to an innovative collaboration with the Wichita Foundation and its chief strategy officer Courtney Bengtson.

Latest News

Tiny News Collective to expand with the hire of a membership director

We are pleased to announce that the Tiny News Collective is hiring a membership director to help lead our mission critical member-driven work.

Introducing the newest members of the Tiny News Collective

The Tiny News Collective is proud to announce the six new organizations joining the collective this spring.

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