Future Tides

Website: FutureTides.org
Twitter: @Future_Tides

Through the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism’s Entrepreneurial Journalism Creators Program, a plan for launching Future Tides, a new media venture to serve the recreational and professional mariners who share the waterways in Washington State emerged.  

Cara Kuhlman is the founder of Future Tides and in her time on the waterways of the Pacific Northwest, she’s observed how environmental, political and commercial interests cross paths — and at times collide. From working at a community sailing center to an industrial boat builder, she’s connected with the region’s maritime community but knows there is always more to learn. Cara discovered the power of community journalism as the part-time editor of a hyper-local blog about Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. If she didn’t write about it, no one would. Cara has written about the Northwest Passage, a high-performance race boat reaching its limit, the Alaska Marine Highway, and women in sailing — all before launching Future Tides. 

In 2021, Cara joined the second cohort of CUNY’s Entrepreneurial Journalism Creators program. Her curiosity about the maritime community and all those hours working near, and then in, a newsroom finally converged. The resulting media venture, Future Tides, launched with an email newsletter in October 2021.

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