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Atlantic City Focus is a hyper-local news platform to encourage the African American community to share its voice with the world while also providing news and information that the community can use to combat social ills that plague the City of Atlantic City. The organization provides an outlet to celebrate African American culture, history and traditions.

Mark Tyler is the founder and publisher of Atlantic City focus. He prides himself on upholding the highest standards of journalistic integrity and has been working tirelessly to make this website a respected source for local news, events, business listings and discussion! Mark earned a BA degree in Journalism from Columbia Union College, in Takoma Park, MD, which is now Washington Adventist University and since then worked within the journalism industry. Upon graduation from university, he accepted a three-month internship with his hometown paper The Press of Atlantic City. That three-month internship was extended to six months and in the fifth month he was hired as a professional Staff Writer.

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