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We help lifetime journalists, committed organizers, and individuals looking to support their area start newsrooms with impact. We believe that people who care the most should have a say in informing their community.

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Our guiding principles

A commitment to local journalism

A lack of information shouldn’t keep people from being involved in important issues.

Raising marginalized voices

Newsrooms should be representative of their communities: people of color, women, and gender-diverse individuals, and those without formal journalism training deserve a voice in the media.

Agency for our members

Our founders know their communities best and always have the final say in what’s right for their newsroom.

What we can do for you

Starting a newsroom can feel like an insider’s game. We’re here to help founders break through historic barriers to entry.

A Network of professional services, peers, and mentors

Our network provides new founders with the support they need to build a newsroom that serves their community.

Lowering Barriers to Entry

We reduce the cost of business ownership to make it easier to get started, and our support allows founders to focus on building their newsroom.

The Right Technology

Our optimized technology platform handles everything from publishing to accounting and get newsrooms up and publishing fast.

A Supportive Path to Entrepreneurship

We work with expert partners across the field of journalism to get founders up and running and to develop the critical skills they need to inform with confidence.

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Are you the future of journalism?

We’re looking for people who share our mission and vision for a world where everyone has a role to play in creating relevant, accurate, and culturally-conscious local news and information.

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