Our Team


Heather Bryant
Interim Executive Director

“I’m glad to be a part of the Tiny News Collective’s comprehensive approach to tools, training, and community because building and sustaining a local news organization is a complex and ongoing process and we need an ecosystem of support that will empower a broader, more diverse generation of news ownership.”

Pilar De Haro
Support Engineer

“I’m excited to be a part of the Tiny News Collective that is helping support and sustain local news organizations who are serving communities that have been historically underserved by the news industry.”

Jason Tompkins
Finance Manager

“I’m drawn to getting ‘into the weeds’ of fiscal storytelling and health for collectively owned and operated spaces! I’ve seen the positive impact that behind-the-scenes infrastructure and systems building can have on the strength of member based programs and projects, and it’s an honor to be trusted with that work within TNC.”


Left to Right: Kara, Lillian, Jillian, Aron

Kara Meyberg Guzman, Board Chair
Co-Founder, Santa Cruz Local

“I support the Tiny News Collective because I want to make it easier for others like me — women, people of color, young people, and those with nontraditional journalism backgrounds — to enter this industry and build successful companies.”

Lillian Ruiz, Vice-Chair
Founder, Ci-X Strategies

“Now, more than ever, news entrepreneurship that reflects the cultural makeup of society is so important. I’m excited to work with the TNC to build turnkey solutions that democratize news and storytelling.”

Jillian Bauer-Reese, Board Treasurer
Co-Founder, Kensington Voice

“I'm part of the Tiny News Collective because I believe journalism's future begins with anti-oppression, and Tiny News is working to build a more socially-just news ecosystem.”

Aron Pilhofer, Board Secretary
Director, News Catalyst

“Communities deserve to have access to quality news and information -- now more than ever. I believe The Tiny News Collective will help solve this growing problem, and do so at scale. What could be more important than this? ”

From left to right: André, Gina, Tyler, Chris

André Natta
Product Outreach Manager, MuckRock

“There's a need now more than ever to help amplify the voices of underrepresented communities large and small. I'm excited to provide long-needed support for tiny news organizations, particularly those led by people of color, as they navigate the process of getting started and not throwing away their shot.”

Gina Chua
Executive Editor, Semafor

“The Tiny News Collective tackles two huge problems in journalism - underrepresented voices and viewpoints in news, and the complexity of starting and running a news organization. Addressing those two challenges can reshape the media landscape from the ground up.”

Tyler Fisher
Principal Software Engineer, Washington Post

“I’m excited to build a platform that works for the tiniest of news orgs and for a collective that centers equity in media ownership.”

Chris Krewson
Executive Director, LION Publishers

“I am helping with the Tiny News Collective because we have a chance to build a new generation of news organizations representative of the communities they serve, and I’m proud to welcome them into the world.”

Friends & Alumni

Chelsea Johnson
Ángel González
Jessica Morrison
Jo Ellen Green Kaiser
Lisa Heyamoto
Anika Anand
Jacqui Lough

Temple University students Brooke Beyer, Colin Evans, Emma Goldhaber, Madison Karas, Moumita Paladhi, Mara Tannenbaum, Ian Walker, Amelia Winger, Ryan Hankins, Nate Willison and Nuria Webb contributed to this project.


Jennifer Brandel
Founder, Hearken

Adam Huttler
CEO, Monkeypod

Ava Lubell
Cornell Law First Amendment Clinic

Alexander Papachristou
ED, Vance Center/Lawyers for Reporters

Nabiha Syed
President, The Markup