Project Optimist

Project Optimist strives to engage residents of greater Minnesota to help them collaborate across common divides, tackle seemingly intractable problems and grow more optimistic about the future of their communities, region and world. Through solutions journalism, Project Optimist works to re-engage people burned out on news or withdrawn from civic life.

The People's Beat - Pasa La Voz

The People’s Beat is a Black & Latino owned and led news organization based in South Carolina with a mission to empower Black & Brown communities through news, information, opinion and analysis. We aim to reimagine what the news media consumption means in our communities of color that have low representation in traditional media.

The Harvey World Herald

The Harvey World Herald is your trusted news source for in-depth reporting on education, business, public safety, health, politics, and entertainment in the City of Harvey. The Harvey World Herald fills the void left after the collapse of local newspapers 40 years ago, providing critical information to the Harvey community.

Four Points Press

Four Points Press is an independent digital media company serving the Crow Indian Reservation and surrounding area. The mission of Four Points Media, Inc. is to work independently and in collaboration with the community to enrich the minds, spirits and lives of those in Indian Country by producing meaningful stories through the production of timely published and audio works.

Black by God

Black By God is a community-led news organization based in West Virginia that aims to provide a more nuanced portrayal of the Black Experience in the Appalachian region. We seek to center Black stories and life in all their manifestations in West Virginia and Appalachia, providing coverage in four categories: civics, community, culture, and coin.

Five Wards Media

Five Wards Media honors our community by amplifying our stories, culture, and information needs. We produce unique coverage of issues affecting diverse Newark communities that do not receive traditional media coverage and partner with city residents to tell those stories.

the art rebellion

the art rebellion is an independent media venture focused on the stories of artist-activists in underreported communities across the U.S. Our goal is to build community through profiles and service journalism that help grassroots artists and arts organizations create change and advocate for a more just world.

Spotlight Schools

Spotlight Schools is a hyperlocal newsroom dedicated to covering education in Orange County. Spotlight schools makes it easier to get reliable and trusted information about your school and district, leaving you better informed to make decisions about your child's public school education.

The Leveler News

The Leveler News is a digital media outlet dedicated to the public interest in Yonkers, NY. We are building a collaborative community resource for high quality information, visuals, in-depth reporting on local and national news, international affairs, social issues and government.

Future Tides

Future Tides reports on maritime innovation and the future of the maritime community in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest. News from Future Tides is intended to benefit all who share the region’s waterways from recreational boaters to professional mariners and those who are simply boat curious.

Austin Vida

Austin Vida empowers our community by amplifying our stories, events and cultura. Latinos make up about 33% of Austin’s population. We are a big part of the community’s rich history, present and future. Austin Vida amplifies, informs, and celebrates the Latinidad of our local community with culturally-competent news that centers the voices of nuestra gente.

Atlantic City Focus

Atlantic City Focus is a hyper-local news platform to encourage the African American community to share its voice with the world while also providing news and information that the community can use to combat social ills that plague the City of Atlantic City. The organization provides an outlet to celebrate African American culture, history and traditions.

Ang Diaryo

Ang Diaryo is a direct response to community needs. It is a news outlet born out of community organizing in the Los Angeles Filipino working class. Ang Diaryo is working to fill this news and information gap by leveraging its deep connection in the community to thoroughly understand the information needs and build an in-person distribution network for our monthly print magazine.

The D&N Sports Newscast

The D&N Sports Newscast is a platform for Miami’s youth sports community. Run by and for the kids in the Pop Warner leagues, our digital and print publication provides a creative platform for sports players, aspiring writers, and artists to tell the unique stories of Black Miami’s favorite pastime.

BLCK Press

BLCK Press is a nonprofit dedicated to transforming media by empowering radical storytellers to authentically amplify what's happening in our communities. Through our annual training, we're making media accessible for early career journalists of color by removing barriers and equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the journalism industry.