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It’s the mission of the Tiny News Collective to empower innovators and creators to launch local news organizations to serve communities who are unserved or underserved. We know how hard it is to start a business and that it’s harder still to start a news business. Our goal is to make launching a local news business more accessible and more likely to be sustainable by supporting founders with training, tools and resources.

Members of the Tiny News Collective have access to services and training across the three main platforms of the collective.

Founder Platform

The Tiny News Collective provides a comprehensive resources and skills library that starts at setting pre-launch priorities and goes all the way through growth and sustainability. Our program is not intended to be a bootcamp with quick turnarounds and goal posts. We’ve designed our materials to support founders where they are in their journey and with the awareness that for most founders, this is not the only thing going on in your life. Our goal is to make it possible for founders to make use of resources at their own pace with additional support coming from collective events, workshops and access to subject-matter experts. We offer a library of resources, live class sessions, founder events, and one-on-one and group support to help you build and maintain momentum.

As a member of the Tiny News Collective, you’ll also be automatically enrolled as an aspiring entrepreneur member to LION with full access to their resources for local independent online news publishers. LION membership benefits include access to a vibrant Slack community for news entrepreneurs as well as access to LION Lessons, monthly Zoom calls featuring LION members and other experts.

Operations Platform

We offer assistance with logistical support around incorporation. We provide fiscal sponsorship and access to legal advice.

Technology Platform

Our technology platform is designed to remove all the confusion, complexity and cost of designing your tech stack from scratch. Our lightweight CMS lets you publish stories directly from a Google Doc.  We give you a preconfigured, performant and modern website for your journalism to shine. We use industry-standard technology across the stack such as:

  • A complete publishing system based on Google Docs and Google Workspace
  • A performant, modern news website with SEO and social best practices baked in
  • Newsletter publishing and a local advertising marketplace from Letterhead
  • Pre-configured Google Analytics tagging and dashboards for accurate funnel measurement
  • Engagement, comments and moderation from The Coral Project
  • A full accounting and fundraising suite from MonkeyPod

TNC members will also have access to quality news photos from Reuters News Pictures Service.

Watch a demo showing an early version of the tech stack working altogether:

The Tiny News Collective is a collaborative project.

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